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Based in Paris and Lille, our digital agency, a Silver Wordpress VIP certified Wordpress expert, has become the first partner in France of WP Engine, the world leader in WordPress hosting, to offer our customers unrivalled performance, security and reliability.

At Ylly, we understand the crucial importance of hosting to the performance of a WordPress site. That's why we've established a strong partnership with WP Engine to offer our customers a premium hosting solution, guaranteeing optimal performance, enhanced security and first-rate technical support.

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Why choose WP Engine?

WP Engine is a web hosting platform designed specifically for WordPress sites, offering several advantages over traditional web hosts.

Hosting is the foundation of any successful website, and when it comes to WordPress, choosing the right host is essential. Here's why we've chosen WP Engine as our preferred partner:

  • Optimal performance: With an infrastructure designed specifically for WordPress, WP Engine offers unrivalled performance, guaranteeing fast loading times and a smooth user experience.
  • Advanced security: WP Engine goes beyond standard security measures by offering advanced protection against online threats, including detection and prevention of DDoS attacks.
  • Dedicated technical support: Available 24/7, WP Engine's technical support team is made up of dedicated WordPress experts, ready to answer all your questions and solve your problems quickly.
  • Scalability and reliability: Whether your site attracts hundreds or millions of visitors, WP Engine offers seamless scalability to meet your growth needs, while guaranteeing maximum availability thanks to a robust architecture.

Through our partnership with WP Engine, we offer our customers a world-class, reliable and scalable hosting solution, enabling them to focus on their content and growth with confidence, backed by first-class technical expertise.

As the leading WP Engine partner in France, we're proud to work with one of the world leaders in WordPress hosting. Here's what our partnership with WP Engine means for you:

The services we offer

Our services are designed to help you get the most out of your WP Engine hosting, guaranteeing optimum performance, enhanced security and total peace of mind.

Through our partnership with WP Engine, we offer a full range of services to ensure the success of your WordPress site:

  • Migration to WP Engine: We ensure a smooth transition to WP Engine, ensuring that all your content and functionality is transferred correctly, minimizing interruptions and disruptions.


  • Site performance optimization: We optimize your site for maximum performance, implementing advanced development practices and using monitoring tools to identify and resolve bottlenecks.


  • Data security and backup : We reinforce your site's security by implementing advanced security measures and performing regular backups to ensure your data is protected.


  • Ongoing maintenance and technical support: We ensure the ongoing maintenance of your site, applying the necessary updates and providing reactive technical support to answer all your questions and concerns.

The advantages of hosting your Wordpress site on WP Engine

When you choose WP Engine hosting, you're investing in a robust, high-performance solution that will take your online presence to new heights. Our partnership with WP Engine ensures that you benefit from industry best practices and first-rate technical support, as well as the expertise and commitment of our team.

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