Based in Lille, our Open-source Lab is dedicated to development and innovative projects. On a daily basis, this means listening, sharing, testing ... to innovate in the service of performance and user experience.

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Open Source at the heart of the innovation process

At Ylly, we are convinced that open source is a strength. That we are stronger together. And that if we may go faster alone, we are necessarily going less far.

The strength of open-source is the community it generates, and the technological passion that drives its members. We make this passion available to our partners and customers, in order to enable them to benefit from the transparency, robustness and agility of open-source.


Open-source at the heart of our values

Open-source is an expression used since the end of the 90s, in the continuation of the work initiated in the 80s, around what constituted the revolution of the GNU project and the Free Software Foundation.

While we talk about agility, transparency, sharing, as values and principles of the “afterlife”, these values have been driving the open-source community for years. These are also principles and values that mobilize the Ylly agency, its employees and its founders.

For us, open-source is a way of contributing to collective intelligence and of participating, modestly, in solving societal and ecological problems that we will all have to face together.

Strong points


As a disruption, the principle of rupture, becomes the norm, it is necessary to be able to pivot quickly, to be agile. What could be better than the immense resources of open-source for this. Not reinventing the wheel and focusing on innovation and value creation, that is one of the strengths of open-source.

Strength and safety

Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of developers participate in the advancement of specific open-source projects. These are all watchmen capable of alerting and securing technological solutions. Open-source solutions such as Symfony are recognized today for their reliability and security.

Freedom and sovereignty

What could be better than open-source to be master of your own destiny and your independence. This is the opportunity to innovate and develop complex projects without having your hands tied with a proprietary solution.

Our technologies



Open source PHP framework for building web applications, APIs and web services.


Open source website builder, written in PHP with a simple and intuitive content management system.


Open source web application for creating online stores.


Free software with an adaptable architecture, which allows you to search any type of document in real time.


Free software that allows you to monitor and control online servers and platforms.

React native

Open source JavaScript library that allows you to create applications with the native features of IOS and Android smartphones.


Mobile operating system developed by Google for smartphones, tablets, connected objects and computers.


Programming language created by Apple to develop iOS and Mac apps.

Web pack

Open source JavaScript module grouper with the ability to generate static assets representing these modules.


Dynamic language for generating cascading CSS style sheets.


Open source JavaScript library developed by Facebook to facilitate the creation of web applications.


Open source framework written in JavaScript that allows the creation of web applications.

Our clients testify

« Thanks to their expertise, their professionalism, their ability to listen and their engaged team, Ylly is a privileged partner for the success of a project. »

Laurent Daluzeau
Technical Coordinator - MSD Santé Animale

Our clients testify

« Efficiency, speed and simplicity... The Ylly team was able to quickly understand our needs and the complexity of our environment and to propose appropriate solutions. Thanks to a close relationship, the entire group worked together to deliver a product that perfectly met our initial specifications in record time. »

Bertrand Deghilage
Head of digital transformation - Weldom, Groupe Adeo

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