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What are the problems of our customers, we deliver solutions with a pragmatic approach and adapted to each context in order to connect brands to users.

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Photo antargaz


Manage your energy through 5 customer areas

In partnership with Antargaz, it is the design, development and operation of five customer areas, one per product universe. Development of a Symfony platform with reusable service bricks by business.

Photo MSD Poussin

Passeport poussin

Helping you make decisions and respecting procedures

Carried out in partnership with the MSD laboratory, the pilot hatchery team and a consulting veterinarian. Ylly has designed a vaccination traceability platform which allows stocks to be managed upstream, but also for all vaccination operations to be recorded in real time.

Photo ALK

Ma Vie d'Allergik

Support you in monitoring your allergy

The My Life of Allergik application supports people with respiratory allergies by supporting them in good compliance. The procedure becomes fun thanks to the presence of the ninja mascot Mava throughout the course and the integration of a game for the user.

Photo garance


All brand ambassadors

A beautiful colorful charter served as our inspiration to create an application for employees, delegates and elected officials, so that they can more easily promote Garance products. Complete work done: UX / UI, creation of illustrations, motion design and React Native mobile development based on a Symfony back office.

Photo takeda


Know your treatment path

My Health Path is a platform allowing a patient to choose a pathology and a hospital center and to follow through several Motion Design, carried out by our agency, the different stages of his care path.

Photo dimmup


Reveal your digital potential

To reveal your digital potential, you must first know its strengths and weaknesses by making an objective and comprehensive diagnosis. This is the promise of this beautiful platform, which brings together Ux design, illustration, interface design and development.

Photo rivière du mat

Rivière du Mat

Discover this range of rum from Réunion

A fine brand of rum from Réunion, offering bottles ranging from classic to prestigious, including arranged rums. The agency was entrusted with the redesign of the showcase site, with the mission of giving a qualitative image of this distillery, drawing on its product catalog, its know-how and its heritage since 1886.

Photo XMCO


Be in good standing with CB data security standards

Ylly has designed and developed for Xmco, a company specializing in Cybersecurity, an application concerning compliance with the PCI DSS standard. This application is aimed at 4 different types of profiles. It also consists of Training and Quiz modules.

Photo axionable


The sustainable company

After having overhauled the brand platform of the company Axionable, the first consulting firm specializing in responsible AI for sustainable purposes, we tackled its showcase site, in a logic consistent with the discourse: a “Low Tech” site and very low in energy.

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