Outsourcing and Corrective / Evolutive Maintenance

Experts in outsourcing and corrective/upgradable maintenance, we offer you a complete range of services essential to any modern business. Our outsourcing is distinguished by its performance and security, ensuring that your infrastructure is always at its best, while protecting your sensitive data.

We also provide corrective and evolutionary maintenance services, ensuring that any concerns are resolved quickly, and that your systems benefit from the enhancements they need to stay competitive. Our offer includes a high degree of customization and flexibility. We tailor our solutions to your unique context, thanks to a proactive approach.

What really sets our services apart is our technical expertise. Not only do we look after your IT system, we also offer strategic advice to ensure its evolution and sustainability.

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Outsourcing and Cloud Governance

Our outsourcing services are designed to meet the demanding needs of today's businesses. For starters, we prioritize performance. Thanks to our state-of-the-art cloud solutions and scalable infrastructure, we guarantee fast response times and a smooth user experience, even during traffic peaks. With unlimited bandwidth and traffic, you'll never have to worry about overloads or slowdowns.

Security is at the heart of our proposition. With robust security, our systems proactively detect and counter potential threats, ensuring the integrity of your data. We also implement strategic redundancy and regular backups, ensuring that your information is safe from accidental loss.

But performance and security are just the beginning. Our outsourcing service offers high availability, minimizing the risk of downtime. What's more, we're fully aware of the diverse tools and platforms used by today's businesses, and ensure multi-platform compatibility for smooth integration.

Finally, to guarantee flawless reliability, we have set up real-time monitoring and surveillance of our cloud systems and infrastructure. This enables us to quickly identify and resolve problems before they affect your business.

Ensure the efficiency of your IT system with our Corrective / Evolutive Maintenance

With 10 years' experience behind us, we understand the importance of a smooth-running system. That's why we offer a comprehensive corrective and evolutionary maintenance service tailored to the needs of businesses.

Corrective maintenance focuses on identifying and rectifying anomalies. Thanks to a precise diagnosis of anomalies, we quickly detect and resolve problems. After each intervention, we carry out rigorous tests to ensure that the problem has been solved and that other potential errors have not been introduced.

At the same time, our evolutionary maintenance service ensures that your system stays up to date with the latest technologies and meets your company's new requirements. We add new features, optimize performance and adapt your systems to changes in your industry. This enables you to maintain a competitive edge and ensure the sustainability of your operations.

What really sets our service apart is our agile and responsive team. In the event of a problem, we are committed to strict SLAs, guaranteeing rapid problem resolution. What's more, we believe in transparent communication with our customers. You will always be kept informed of the status of your system and the interventions carried out. To reinforce this partnership, we also offer training and awareness sessions so that you and your team can better understand your system and the best practices for its maintenance.


The benefits for you

  • Guaranteed peace of mind: Proactive maintenance reduces the risk of unexpected downtime.
  • Enhanced security: With regular updates, make sure your system is always protected against current threats.
  • Rapid response: Our dedicated team responds quickly, minimizing downtime in the event of an anomaly.
  • Strong partnership: Transparent communication means you're always up to date on the status of your system.
  • Autonomy: With our training, gain independence and knowledge of your infrastructure.

Your IT system deserves the best: opt for customization and flexibility

As experts in outsourcing and corrective/evolutive maintenance, we understand that every company is unique, with specific needs and objectives. That's why we've developed an approach focused on customization and flexibility.

Our outsourcing solutions are designed to be adaptive, guaranteeing optimal performance whatever your industry or size. Whether you're looking to manage a small infrastructure or a complex IT system, our services are scalable to meet your exact requirements.

IT maintenance is no exception. We offer both corrective maintenance, to deal with unforeseen problems, and evolutionary maintenance, to ensure your system stays up to date and running at its full potential. Cloud governance is also part of our offering, giving you access to a team of experts dedicated to monitoring, updating and proactively managing your cloud infrastructure.


Our technical expertise in outsourcing and Corrective / Evolutive Maintenance

Qualified team

Our team, with its solid technical expertise, is specifically trained to meet the complex challenges of modern outsourcing. Each member is dedicated to excellence, ensuring that your IT system operates at its maximum potential.

Reactive Customer Support

Faced with the inevitable diversity of IT challenges and issues, our ultra-reactive customer support team is on hand to provide you with clear, effective answers in record time. It also anticipates your needs and offers proactive recommendations. 

Problem Management

Our technical expertise in problem management guarantees a rapid and effective response to every incident. Whether it's a performance issue, an anomaly in your IT system or a hosting issue, our team is armed to diagnose, intervene and resolve, ensuring the continuity and efficiency of your online operations.

Our technology partners



European hosting provider offering solutions ranging from web hosting to cloud services, renowned for its eco-friendly data centers.


Amazon's cloud computing branch, offering a wide range of services, from hosting to machine learning, tailored to startups and large enterprises.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft's cloud platform, offering a complete suite of cloud computing services, including hosting, analytics, AI and more.

WP Engine

Specialized hosting provider for WordPress, optimizing performance and security for sites using this content management system.

When you entrust your hosting and maintenance to us, you're banking on efficiency, reliability and expertise. We're committed to providing you with solutions that not only meet your needs today, but also prepare you for the future.

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