Design UX / UI

We generate ideas, try to change habits, design new ways of working, but above all we create unique experiences adapted to different contexts and objectives.

Each project is unique and has its own restrictions and requirements. Our Ux team is at your disposal to find the best solutions, a balance between technology, business challenges and user expectations, all aimed at an optimal experience.

Do you want to create great experiences with us?

The user at the heart of the design process

We implement a design approach where the needs, expectations and specific characteristics of end users are taken into account at each stage of the process.

This is to ensure ownership by the target and therefore the success of the project.

This approach allows the interface to be adapted to the user rather than imposing a mode of use. To do this, knowledge of users is essential.

But it is not enough to imagine how the user behaves, it is essential to include it at the start of the process of creating or improving the project, by formalizing their expectations and difficulties.

Our goal is to design interfaces that can be used with maximum comfort, safety and efficiency by as many people as possible.


Our User Experience Lab?

We are always on the lookout for the latest innovations concerning interfaces, good ergonomics and usability practices.

Thus, we facilitate the appropriation of interfaces by end users according to their characteristics and limitations.

Understanding the user up front is a good start, but conducting tests with users and getting their feedback will allow us to better judge the level of usability and accessibility of the interface.

Creating a successful user experience is making sure that all the events and the user experiences have been consciously thought out and developed by us. This means taking into account each of the user's potential actions and expectations at each stage of their journey.

3 strong points

Our technical culture

Our experts are immersed and continuously in touch with all the stakeholders of the project. They are used and trained to work with technical teams. The objective is to integrate technical and SEO constraints upstream and not subject them as little as possible to future users.

Our sector knowledge

Our team immerses itself in each “business” issue to understand the challenges of the project and of end users. The openness and curiosity of our different profiles allow this appropriation. It is these exterior looks that add value to your projects.

Commitment and continuous improvement

A project is alive and must evolve over time according to new business issues or new ergonomic trends and possibilities. Our entire team is mobilized to ensure that your product remains at the forefront and can offer ever more services and comfort for the user.

Our UX approach



Gathering of project requirements

Research on target users

Understanding Pain Points and Gains

Ergonomic audit

Benchmark or competitive analysis


Build personas and empathy maps

Creation of user stories and workflows

Definition of information architecture

Navigation validation

Conception and tests

Creation of zonings, wireframes and functional models

GUI design

Creation of the design system

Interaction design

Solution development

Usability testing

Our clients testify

« The Ylly team was able to read my mind and realize the platform I imagined, showing creativity and agility. »

Michaël Tartar
Founder - DIMM.UP

Our clients testify

« The support and expertise of Ylly's teams have been a major asset in the implementation and success of our health care platform. »

Kévin Lam
Digital project manager - Takeda France

Experiences we designed

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