Our expertise

Our goal is to support you in designing and developing projects combining business value, end-users feedback and technological performance. We are working with you based on the "Why? " And the "How? ".

It is about stimulating collective intelligence by having a complete vision of the project. It is therefore a collaborative work that mobilizes energies and expertise.


Within the agency, we have all the skills to support you throughout your project: from the definition of objectives, to its design, through its implementation and finally through its operation and performance management.


A full team of experts to help you have a clear vision of your project.

Project managers to help you define your objectives, prioritize them and show you the scope of the project.

UX Designers think about the user experience and model adapted solutions. Technological and functional experts to formalize the blueprint and the target technical architecture.


An approach inspired by agile which divides the project into sprints to avoid tunnel effects and collect user feedback throughout the construction.

Firm commitments in terms of planning, quality of deliverables and budget. We are fully committed to the success of your project.


Support in the operation, coordination and follow-up, after launching your project.

Support in preventive and corrective maintenance, updating and monitoring the security of your project.

We are committed to you to the lasting success of your project. Each quarter we offer you a quantitative assessment and suggestions for improvement.

UX design

Users want to live a unique experience, to feel emotions and sensations. How can we improve the experience of using an interface?

Experience design is there to model solutions, taking into account the context, usability, interaction and limitations of users, the goal being to create a meaningful and positive experience.

Our goal is to design intuitive and efficient interfaces that allow the user to achieve his goal as quickly and easily as possible. It creates commitment and limits giving up.

How? Or What ? By setting up the following collaborative steps:

• Course construction and personas
• Competitive analysis
• Creation of the tree structure
• Dynamic prototyping
• User tests and feedback


UI design

The goal of our graphic designers is to enhance your project.

Create beautiful layouts for memorable and immersive experiences. Present strong images on screen that will stay in the user's mind.

We understand your brand and create a unique graphic universe in perfect harmony with good visual ergonomics practices. The user should achieve his goal as pleasantly as possible.

How? Or What ? By setting up the following collaborative steps:

• Creation of a web graphic universe
• System design creation
• Graphic models
• Animated prototype

SEO & SXO referencing

When we think of a business’s online visibility, what comes to mind most often is getting one of the top spots in search engine results.

At Ylly, we support you in order to best optimize your site so that it meets good SEO practices, we collect and analyze qualified data in order to identify user trends and generate quality creative insights.

We support you for content optimization, by working with keywords, in a logic of continuous improvement, so that your presence is competitive.

In order to promote the internal networking of your site and increase its referencing, we propose the implementation of a fluid navigation and a better understanding of the user journey for search engines and the user.

How? Or What ? By setting up the following collaborative steps:

• Audits and analyzes
• Competitive analysis
• Construction of the user journey in a logic ofSEO
• SEO optimization


Web and mobile development

The technical team is involved from the pre-sale stage, then in the project vision phase. This is essential for a good understanding of the needs and challenges of the projects. No silo in our teams.

Drawing on the richness of the open-source ecosystem, our engineers recommend the best solutions, explaining their advantages and disadvantages, and offer you detailed costing. You thus become an actor in the technological choices that will accompany your company for several years.

For web services, our developers are specialized in the PHP language via the Symfony framework.

For mobile services, we have developers specializing in native technologies, Swift (iOS) and Kotlin (Android), and hybrid technologies, React Native.


Our objective is twofold. On the one hand, monitor the SEO performance as well as the technical performance of the site in order to be able to continuously improve its performance. On the other hand, analyze user journeys and optimize the transformation of the system.

It is about putting in place the conditions for continuous improvement of your project and thus guaranteeing its profitability.


Motion design

A new visual communication medium, motion design is the beautiful meeting between graphic design and animation.

Through the creation of a universe and a tailor-made narration, we use the power of images to convey emotions in order to capture attention, explain a complex device, train or even convince the user in a minimum of time.

We like to give the illusion of movement, playing with images, illustrations, shots, typography and sound design: a dynamic mix that will best convey your message.

How? Or What ? By setting up the following collaborative steps:

• Scenario
• Script writing
• Drawing
• Animation

Experiences we designed

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