TOP/COM Great prizes 2022 - Corporate Business

The TOP/COM GRANDS PRIX Corporate Business took place for the 24th consecutive year in Paris. The BtoB mobile applications "My Garance" and "LG ThermaV ambassador", created by us, won in the category "Corporate or BtoB mobile application" (DIGITAL section).

Our winning mobile applications of TOP/COM Grands Prix 2022

The TOP/COM Great Prizes - Corporate Business took place on April 14, 2022 for the 24th consecutive year in Paris. This competition aims to illustrate the trends of communication intended to promote the image of the company to all audiences and that of the brand and products to professional audiences.

The BtoB mobile applications "My Garance" and "LG ThermaV ambassador" have won the TOP/COM 2022 communication contest, in the category "Corporate or BtoB mobile application" (DIGITAL section).

My Garance

The BtoB application "My Garance", created by Ylly for the client GARANCE, received the Bronze award at the TOP/COM awards.

Garance is a 100% independent mutual insurance company, positioning itself as the mutual insurance company for craftsmen and independent workers. Its ambition is to be the partner of the local economy. Committed. Supportive. Responsible. Open to all professional and private customers, it covers all personal insurance needs throughout their lives. Garance offers a range of simple, high-performance products and services that regularly win awards (Labels of Excellence, Life Insurance Oscars). 

In 2019, the My Garance project was born, the daily application for employees and elected officials, which allows them all to play a role in the success of the mutual and the protection of their environment. My Garance is everything that happens within the mutual company in your pocket. It's your active participation in the Mutual's mission.

The goal of the My Garance application is to allow employees and delegates to become ambassadors of Garance, to give them a major role, to develop a pride of belonging and to become more involved in the life of their mutual. It also allows us to highlight individual and collective successes, to offer a fun environment and a gaming spirit, to provide useful information, to bring content to life on a daily basis (news, events) and to facilitate the digital journey.

Thus, after having accompanied them in a successful Vision phase, we carried out a Build phase (a development by sprint which makes it possible to avoid the tunnel effects and to be able to test functionality after functionality of the platform) by :

→ User understanding (Construction of personas, Identification of pain points and opportunities, Definition of user paths).

Creation and Interfaces (Building the graphic environment and the project mascot, Building and prototyping interfaces, Testing with target users).

→ And Mobile Development: React Native language (Development sprint, QAP, acceptance report, MEP).

Garance also asked Ylly to design a Motion Design to unveil the concept of the application on a big screen to all the employees during a launch party. This was done in order to make them understand the project quickly and simply, and above all to make them want to appropriate My Garance (video). 

In conclusion, My Garance has been deployed to all employees, partners and delegates (elected officials), more than 300 contacts have been collected and more than 100 have been validated (opt-in). More than 1,500 users have already used the application, which is now used on a recurring basis, and the application has recorded more than 50,000 views.

In this video, you can discover the testimonies of Charles Besnard, Marketing, Communication, Transformation & IS Director at GARANCE and Morgan Thomas, Ux-Ui Manager at Ylly, on the history of Garance, the context, the objectives of the application, the working method, the deliverables, etc.



It is with the BtoB application "LG Therma V", created by Ylly teams for LG Electronics France, that we had the honor to win the Silver trophy. 

Created in 1947 in South Korea, LG is a household appliances and multimedia brand.

Today, LG is known worldwide for its home appliances and multimedia, and is one of the largest companies in this field. Their range of products is very wide, from TV sets to heating solutions and photovoltaic panels. LG products are aimed at the general public as well as professionals. 

The goal of LG Electronics is to provide its customers with new products and technologies to improve their daily lives. LG is committed to serving its customers, providing solutions to their needs and new experiences through constant innovation.

LG wants to differentiate itself from its competitors by offering service to installers. It is a question of relying on the daily needs of installers to create bridges to the end customers. LG thus allows the installer to be at the center of the relationship.

The strategic challenges for LG are therefore to :

  • Better understand the installers who sell LG products,
  • Increase the skills of the installers so that they feel confident in selling and installing LG products,
  • Intervene quickly in case of incidents,
  • Have a strategy of generating leads on these products for the most efficient and loyal installers,
  • To manage the after-sales service.

It is after having accompanied them in a Vision and Build phase (similar to the My Garance project) that we developed the LG Therma V Ambassadors application, the practical daily monitoring tool for LG Air-Water Heat Pump installers in France. With 4 main features at launch, it allows to track installations, maintenance of the installed base, after-sales service requests and information on LG air-water heat pumps in a few clicks. 

The Therma V Ambassadors application has enabled LG to improve the follow-up of installers and to improve their training and support in order to build a close and trusting relationship. The development of tracking has allowed LG to optimize the maintenance of these products, and the after-sales service has been considerably strengthened, thus becoming a daily tool for LG's Air-Water Heat Pump installers in France. 

Through the testimony of Alice Lamy, Project Manager at Ylly, you will discover the history of LG, the context, the objectives of the application, the working method, as well as the deliverables, here.

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