27 Oct 2023 by Candice CIBOIS

TKCare - Best TOPCOM Mobile Application

Agence Ylly has been awarded the prestigious Prix Top Com d'Or for its TKCAre application, an innovation designed to facilitate relations between heal
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14 Mar 2023 by Geoffroy DESBOIS

What is Figma? What are its advantages?

Figma is an online design software that allows teams to design, prototype and animate user interfaces. It's accessible via a web browser, it doesn't n
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08 Mar 2023 by Carolane VELLEYEIN

What is Wordpress? What are its advantages?

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) that makes it easy to create and manage websites. It is simple to use for non-technical us
08 Feb 2023 by Carolane VELLEYEIN

How to prepare your hosting to consume less and be more eco-friendly?

Finding an eco-friendly web host that suits your needs can be a tricky process, but by following a few key steps, you can easily find one that will su
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02 Feb 2023 by Faustine HADDOUF

What are the best UX/UI practices to design a Low-Tech website?

Simplifying the UX is an important point in the design of a Low-Tech site. It allows you to limit the number of clicks, to make navigation more fluid
12 Jan 2023 by Carolane VELLEYEIN

What is a Low-Tech site? Green Code and Eco-design, how to do it?

Low-Tech is characterized by the implementation of simple, fast, inexpensive technologies, accessible to all and using common and local means. It is a
10 Nov 2022 by Carolane VELLEYEIN

What is a product configurator? How to create it?

The product configurator is a tool that allows the customization of products, by any customer or prospect. The product configurator is beneficial and
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12 Oct 2022 by Faustine HADDOUF

How to effectively combine UX / UI and SEO?

Combining SEO and UX strategies (SXO) maximizes results and allows you to have all the cards in hand to position yourself well in a very competitive u
28 Sep 2022 by Carolane VELLEYEIN

What are the best SEO practices? How to optimize my natural referencing?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, consists essentially in respecting the good practices and recommendations made by search engines, especially Googl
30 Aug 2022 by Faustine HADDOUF

What is a persona in UX and what is it used for?

Whether you work in design, project management, marketing, or are a product owner or entrepreneur, you've probably already encountered the term "perso
18 Aug 2022 by Carolane VELLEYEIN

What is React Native? What are its advantages?

Developed by the company Meta (formerly Facebook), React Native is an open-source, hybrid and multi-platform Javascript framework derived from ReactJS
28 Jul 2022 by Samuel QUÉNIART

What is Symfony? What are its advantages?

Symfony is a free, robust and powerful MVC Framework, recognized worldwide thanks to its modular and adaptable features that facilitate and accelerate
26 Jul 2022 by Candice CIBOIS

TOP/COM Great prizes 2022 - Corporate Business

The TOP/COM GRANDS PRIX Corporate Business took place for the 24th consecutive year in Paris. The BtoB mobile applications "My Garance" and "LG Therm
30 Jun 2022 by Fabio DOS SANTOS

What are the best alternatives to Google Analytics?

The CNIL declared that the use of Google Analytics was not in compliance with the RGPD in view of the transfer of data to the United States and the ri